The Desiccation of Wit

Monday, July 17, 2006

Status Report

1. Lex and I are on hiati (unenforced) until roughly September.

2. Hiati: Probably not a word.

3. Hiati: Not a misspelling of Haiti, either.

4. Co-religionary: Not really a word, even though it was used on 'Meet the Press' yesterday. OED cites it to 1929, and never again.

5. "Kim has reduced the average height of a North Korean adult by three inches." Newt Gingrich, yesterday, "Meet the Press".

6. My suspicion is that Kim has done worse things, unless this shortening was done with torturous devices or sharp downward strokes on the top of the head, rather than as a result of malnutrition, which is my suspicion.

7. Had he actually figured out a way to shrink people by smothering them in lard, that would've been quite a trick.

8. I have a cat. Her name is Hannah Albin Countergambit. She's half mine, and half not mine. The left foreleg and left torso are mine, in particular. None of the three of us play chess.


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That's a great story. Waiting for more. »

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