The Desiccation of Wit

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

After further review...

What's this now, 'Lex'? You say the correlation betwixt your excerpted portion of Robinson's 'Camelot' and my need for a hair dryer is as clear as mud? And poetry: irrelevant to the modern gentleman? Piffle! and Read on!, I say to you.

Were you not so busy with some curricular affair;
Were you not so embroiled in some extravaganza.
Perhaps you'd have reached the sixteen-hundred-and-eighty-first
Or seventeen-hundred-and-forty-seventh stanza.

Therein you would have found,
If of the former you were aware,
A reference to sweet Guinevere's
'Glimmering face and hair.'

And perhaps you also would've learned
(If slightly more diligent today)
That Lancelot had nothing for sustinence
Save his 'hopes dryer than hay.'

Could nothing be clearer?
Could any poet possibly strive higher?
Robinson's conjunction is brilliant:
A mere sixty-six lines separate hair from its dryer.


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